Head/Tail Riser Lights (single box)

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The 7mm in height Head/Tail Riser-Light consists of a box that mounts underneath the trucks on the board, enabling white and red LED lights to hit the ground.
The  boxes are rechargeable with USB-C and can be turned on and off with a simple small switch mounted on the side.

The lights can be seen from atleast 300 meters away

Note: Shipping is included in the price as we’re still in the development stages

Note: The product ordered will be our newest and updated version that has twice the amount of LEDS as the one in the current photos, the box has been made increasingly waterresistant. The battery is now retractable, such that charging will happen outside the main box

Disclaimer : The product will only be produced once the minimum amount of orders has been met. Full refunds will be given, if the amount of orders has not been reached before the end of 2020

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Rear(red), Front(white)


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