Be Noticed!

Want to be seen more while skating? Customize your style by illuminating the ground and show off using different colors to enhance the experience. The Riser Lights will last you a few nights removing all worries with a battery capacity of up to 5 hours. The product can handle any challenges that might occur while skating and can really take a beating without breaking or falling off, due to a tight mounting.

It also works as an extension of your style by being hidden away under the truck, so you can still show-off your deck or do tricks without the Riser Light being in the way. It has different colors, so you can light up the ground in the color that matches your style the best!

Kickstarter is Live!

We’re launching on Kickstarter, so we can produce the Riser Lights at an affordable price and in more different colors. To do this, we need a mold, which can get quite expensive. If we reach our goal, we’ll continue developing new products.

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