About GlowGuardian

What is GlowGuardian?

GlowGuardian is a Business specializing in products enhancing the skateboarding experience with our Riser Lights.

A few years ago, we noticed a trend of people modifying their skateboards, adding light and batteries under their decks, these amazing homemade inventions is what inspired us to create the Riser Light.

We want to provide something new to skaters by helping them express themselves by illuminating the ground. We’ve developed the concept of the Riser Light from the ground and intent to take this and similar products as far as possible. 


Even though GlowGuardian is a small team, we consist of a broad skillset with in-depth knowledge about business, technology, product development and consumers. This means we’re confident in our ability to launch our Riser Lights and develop other products.

What's to come


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The Product

The Riser Light is under constants development and we’re working on new and cool products all the time.

Working on the board


We’re also looking into expanding into other products such as roller blades.

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